ELVIRA PLENAR                      

    piano / composition / electronic music

Elvira Plenar (D) is born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she has studied classical  music.
She has moved to Graz to studie classical and jazz music,
Since 1980 Plenar has lived near Frankfurt, Germany and among other things lead her own groups.
She is also working with theater and film-productions.

Plenar's craftsmanship is impeccable. She can build up suspense in a trance-like state of mind without loosing the form of the music.
With knife-edge thrills of improvisation she shapes the moment.
She may utilize classic lines, a folk tune, a jazz standard, looping riffs or do some electronic sculpturing.
Her sharp, spry phrasing and her blend of percussive textures with striking themes are intense, unique and come unexpectedly.
Her use of the pause can be breathlessly exciting.
She maneuvers with self-assured dexterity in high-risk territory.

 Plenar has played and recorded with John Betsch,Marilyn Mazur,Lindsay Cooper,Phil Minton,Fritz Hauser,Urs Leimgruber,Marilyn Crispell,Ulrike Haage,Vitold Rek,Annemarie Roelofs, Robin Schulkowsky, John
              Schroeder, JohnTchicai, Hans Ulrik, N.P.Molvaer, Audun Kleive, Alfred Hart, Hugh Hopper, Sally Potter, Palle Mikkelborg , Maggie Nicols,Irene Schweizer, Joelle Leandre, etc .